Data Policy

SAFCSA London Branch Data Policy

  1. This policy sets out the manner in which Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Association (London & Southern England Branch) aims to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.
  2. For the purpose of administering the services it provides to registered members, SAFCSA retains in a variety of customised formats, personal data (e.g. names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers) of all those who have registered with the Association and paid the current membership fee.
  3. The information held will be used solely for Branch (data controller) purposes and stored securely within Membermojo (data processor). Further information relating to Membermojo can be found at
  4.  Data will not be passed, except with the explicit permission of the member, to any other member or third party.
  5. A request to purchase from Sunderland AFC a match ticket will be deemed to have granted the explicit permission referred to in 4 above.
  6. Any member may at any time enquire what information about them is being held and be entitled to a definitive reply within 14 days.
  7. Any member may at any time request that some or all of the information held about them is deleted or may impose specific restrictions on the way it is used. (For example they may wish to receive emails about social events but not match tickets.)
  8. In anticipation of re-engagement, personal information about lapsed members will be retained for a reasonable time but thereafter be deleted.
  9. Compliance with this policy will be vested in the Data Protection Officer appointed by the Branch for this purpose. They can be contacted at: [email protected] alternatively speak to any committee member.