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Celebrate the end of the season!

Last day of the season, The Lads play Wolves at the SOL, by which time we will know for sure if we are up or down.

Branch Member Simon Hobson’s band Pawnshop Roxxx (aka PSR) is playing a gig in Roker later that afternoon.

When : Sunday 6th May, 5pm. to 7pm.

Where: Grannie Annie’s, Roker (formerly the Smugglers)

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend so this is a perfect way for anyone staying over to let off steam after a truly crappy season.

Regular WDS contributor and resident bard IAN MOLE has written a book.’Tiddle-ee-Aye-Go! Tales from the Heart of Sunderland in the Sixties’ contains 47 short stories about growing up in Sunderland in the early Sixties.

It costs £12.50 inc, post and packaging, available on eBAY, or at at Sunderland Antiquarians shop at 6 Douro Terrace and the A Love Supreme shop opposite the SoL.

Further information can be find via the link below:

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