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London Branch teams up with our new Official Pub! 

The London Branch are delighted to announce our new partnership – teaming up with an already favourite pub, the Old Red Lion Theatre pub in Angel, Islington to become the “official” London pub for Sunderland fans!

The ORL has already been the scene for famous victories against Newcastle, as well as last minute relegation stay-ups over the last two seasons. This season the ORL will show all televised Sunderland games, and will have special beer and food offers for branch members from time to time. If you can’t attend the match in person, you can go along to the ORL knowing there will always be other Sunderland fans watching the game. The ORL is also the home of the Capital Canaries, and as a great friendship has existed between the two clubs since 1985, we are proud to team up with them.

This coming Saturday is obviously Man City v Sunderland and we expect a big turnout for the first game of the season. If you’re not a branch member, there will be forms available to sign up.

The following weekend is, of course, our replacement Derby against Boro and we expect a huge turnout, as always. Earlier in the day is the Norwich Ipswich Derby so come along early and watch both!

We look forward to seeing you there at the weekend and for many matches to come.

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