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Relaxez Vous!

Given we have a huge amount to celebrate at the end of this tempestuous season we felt it appropriate to arrange the proverbial party in a brewery. This celebration will take place at the Southwark Brewing Company on Saturday 21st May from 5pm. Our friends and fellow mackems at the brewery (nr. London Bridge, 46 Druid Street, SE1 2EZ) will be showing the FA Cup Final at 5.30pm and are open all afternoon prior to that. After the match the brewery is ours for the evening.  Come down, enjoy the brewery’s hospitality and toast The Lads. Here’s to another season in the Premier League and remaining unbeaten against the Mags for years to come. Family and friends more than welcome. Those who aren’t members of the branch will have an opportunity to join on the night. Look forward to seeing a load of you there.

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