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Sheffield United, Boxing Day 3pm

There are no trains on Boxing Day unfortunately.


near to the station – Sheffield Tap

close to the ground – Beer Engine, Cemetery Road

good for ales – The Sentinel Brewing Company, Shoreham Street

Nottingham Forest, Saturday 30th December 3pm

Trains run direct from St Pancras and are approximately every half an hour. They journey is approximately 2 hours.

The cheapest direct options are 09:27, 09:57, 10:26 and 10:57 that get in at 11:18, 11:55, 12:18 and 12:55 respectively. Coming back, the 17:32 gets to Euston at 19:32 and the 18:05 gets in at 20:04.

At the moment, a return combining any of the above trains will cost between £34 and £40.


near to the station – Vat and Fiddle, Queensbridge Road

near to the ground – Meadow Club (Notts Co Supporters Club); Nottingham Rowing Club

good for ales – Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Castle Road

Cardiff City, Saturday 13th January 3pm

Trains run direct from Paddington hourly. They are 45 mins past the hour and take 2 hours exactly. Trains coming back are 26 mins past the hour and also take 2 hours.

All Super Off Peak Returns are currently £76.10 so get your railcards out for this one.


near to the station – Price of Wales, St Mary Street

near to the ground – it’s best to drink in the City Centre

good for ales – City Arms, Quay Street

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