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Premier Concourse Closure

Those renewing their season card for 2018-19 will, at no additional cost, be allocated any available seat of their choice in the lower bowl.  The renewal price will be held for the following three years.  Should the Premier Concourse reopen, current holders there will be offered first refusal there on their original seat.

Premier Concourse season card holders will be contacted individually by telephone to discuss the closure in more detail including, wherever possible, relocating together friends and family and other friendships which have been forged with season card holders in nearby seats over the years.

Renewal notifications are about to be sent out and those wishing to renew should act as normal.  They will then be invited to an open day at the Stadium of Light where Ticket Office and other staff will be on hand to show the available seats and associated facilities within the main bowl of the stadium and answer any other questions.

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