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Sunderland Ladies Promoted

Whilst the season ended disappointingly for the Senior and Under-23 men’s teams there has been good news for Sunderland Ladies whose application for promotion to the FA Women’s Championship has been accepted by the Football Association. The new club ownership had already committed to support the Ladies team as part of an integrated playing structure and the news of success has been heartily welcomed by Head Coach, Melanie Reay, her support team and the players who have suffered heartbreak over the last two foreshortened and abandoned seasons.

Club Sporting Director Kristjaan Speakman said: “We are delighted to have been awarded FA Women’s Championship status and we thank the FA panel for approving our application. This success is a testament to Leann Cowperthwaite, who project managed the submission, and to the collaboration between our football and business operations, who produced a detailed proposal despite facing a quick turnaround. It also represents a tangible reward for Mel and the team for their stellar record over the past 24 months and we now look forward to delivering on our plan and building our infrastructure to support the players and staff during the upcoming campaign.”

We look forward to being able to support the Lasses at their five away games in the South East nest season.

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