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Wear Down South Deadline

It’s that time again – the next issue of Wear Down South is due and the deadline for this one is:

Sunday 25th November

Okay, I know it’s a painful time to be thinking of SAFC but this is your chance to vent your true feelings,  and/or spread some Christmas cheer with some gallows humour. It’s unlikely we’ll have a new manager by then, or even won a game,  but what the heck, we’re Sunderland. Apologies to some of you who may have just received the last issue due to a glitch in the post – I wasn’t ignoring you, honest!

Eileen –

P.S. for true masochists only – Radio 4 Extra (Saturday 18th November,  7.30 am and 5:30 pm) is repeating ‘Twelve Yards from the Premiership – High Drama from the Division 1 Playoff between Charlton Athletic and Sunderland in 1998’, from 2001.  I’m sure Mickey Gray will feature a bit…

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